PR: Slow and Steady

Quick wins are just that - quick and fleeting. When it comes to PR, slow and steady wins the race. So what does it take to build a solid public relations campaign?

You need a strategy, patience, and sometimes a thick skin. Showing up consistently is a huge part of PR success. Having a great product or service will only get you so far if no one has ever heard of you. The point is to develop a solid reputation over time, by being visible on a number of media outlets.

Timing is everything

You may have the most unbelievable service or offer, but if it doesn’t complement trends in the media, although you see it as relevant someone else may not. It’s about being in the right place, at the right time, and having the right connection.
And then sometimes things can fall perfectly in to place.
This is business, it’s not personal. When a connection or opportunity doesn’t work out, you have to cross it off the list and move on. 

Know your audience

Your PR audience, that is. Here’s the thing - you are not doing them a favor by giving them an interview, appearing on TV, or letting them write an article about you. Good PR is earned, and it’s a process to reap the rewards. So do your research. Know something about your contact - what they do, what are they passionate about communicating for people.

When you meet people who are providing these opportunities, read the room. Listen to conversations, notice the energy, and let your grace and gratitude for the opportunity shine through. This is where you do your research - pay attention to details and genuinely care about what features these professionals are passionate about.

The Classic “Know, Like, Trust”

Before anyone provides a solid PR opportunity to you, they need to see that you are credible. They will do their research before they put their name behind you. Things like reviews, client case studies, testimonials, and other PR appearances help to establish your credibility.

Running your own PR is like juggling six balls while riding a unicycle in a crowd. It can be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s a necessary framework that needs to be followed if you want to be seen and get known for who you are and what you do best. If you really want to have successful, long term PR, hiring a PR consultant can help you get you there.

Are you Ready?

There are ups and downs in the world of PR. You need to get comfortable with hearing the word no, or it’s not a good time, or it’s just not what we’re looking for. But a strategic PR campaign will create long-term benefits like relationships with the right people and the opportunity to get featured multiple times by the same source.

When a PR appearance doesn’t come through, in a sense they are doing you a favor - they are telling you that you’re not the right or best fit for them at that time. That means there’s a better fit for you somewhere else and they are off the list this time around.

Speaking of the next time, someone who turns you down today, may be excited to work with you in six months. So it’s important to accept those no’s professionally. You are ready for PR when you know your worth and can handle being judged.

There are no overnight successes. Sometimes it may look that way, but only because you didn’t see the work that was done behind the scenes to get there. The game of “tag, you’re it" on the phone or via email can go on for what seems like forever.

Being patient and having the mindset that each placement, no matter how small, is one step in the right direction for you. It’s all about continually showing up.

There are no instant or direct payouts from doing PR. PR will hopefully result in new opportunities to make money doing what you do. But PR is about publicly building your personal brand - putting yourself out there, connecting with more people, and finding the right ones that you can collaborate with.

At Next on Scene, we mentor and coach our clients to show up as their best selves without feeling overwhelmed like a deer in the headlights. We are happy to tell you more about our process and how we can help build your brand through public relations.

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