What those opportunities look like
Each client’s strategy is different, depending on what they want to accomplish. We aim for a combination of tv appearances, thought leadership articles, and/or social media presence. 

Once we determine your target audience, we focus on mixed exposure - local newspapers to regional tv, professional podcast appearances to global magazine features, social media to appearing at a town event.

Whether it’s a lemonade stand, a tech start-up, or a fashion boutique, reputation is everything. You want to attract the type of attention to your business that matters. 

You can’t just wait for people to show up, and you need a growth strategy.

I’m Jaclyn Zukerman Delory, PR consultant, strategist, and CEO at Next On Scene Media. I focus on creating positive and personal brand awareness for my clients that builds trust, credibility, and a solid reputation.

I strategize and search for the right placement opportunities in front of a larger audience where you can share how you’re making the world a better place through your services, products, or anything else you offer.

Introducing Jaclyn Zukerman Delory, CEO of Next On Scene Media. A“bedroom closet to media mogul” story

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I was born into an entrepreneurial family, so I just followed the parade. My first paid gig as a PR strategist was promoting my brother’s event business when I was in elementary school. And so it began.

With a BA in Communications and a PR specialty in my back pocket, I started working in TV and radio production. I had the pleasure of working for companies like HOT97 and IMDb, and appeared on the MTV pilot “Hypnotize My...” as well as in the WETV web series, “You're Wearing That”. 

Some of my other experience comes from being a PR intern at Bloomingdales and an assistant stylist to Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef season 12!

I went on to work as a casting agent landing major roles for clients on Broadway, one of them being in “Kinky Boots”, and I have placed babies to eighty-year-olds on television and in movies. 

In 2014. I chose to leave the Big Apple and head to Boston. 

Next up is my “bedroom closet to media mogul” story. I had a hunch that podcasting was the next big thing, and I wanted a piece of it. So in 2015, I started to record and broadcast the Next On Scene podcast® from my bedroom closet. It became crystal clear that I was passionate about getting people talking. The rest is history.

My Path to PR Success

Jackie the Award Winner...

Boston Business Women Award Winner 2024
Best Publicist

Alignable Winner 2024
Local Business Person of the Year

The Game Changers: 2024's Top 15 Entrepreneurial Minds

Jackie the Author...

The story of 26 extraordinary women who tell the story of transformation and magic and how they have rebuilt their lives after each setback and come through the other side wiser and more in touch with their inner selves.

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Latasha Mcrae, Founder of Peeks Cosmetics

She has made me such great connections and NOW my company even has ambassadors for my brand! She is so inspiring, if you work with Jackie, she is a woman of her word."

I am so happy with Jackie. She goes above and beyond for her clients.

Jackie Roby, Founder of Inspired Journey Consulting

She also kept my long term vision in mind and encouraged me to build more and more. It's because of her support that I've been able to expand my services."

NEXTonSCENE is phenomenal! As a new business owner, Jackie Zuk was the exact support I needed to get my social media strategy in order.

Diane Amelia Read, Mindset + Wellness Coach & Founder of SHINE

Her incredible knowledge base, huge-hearted community focus, and great sense of fun-as-we-learn will keep me coming back."

I’ve worked with Jackie individually, taken two of her workshops, and participated in her Marketing Mastermind.

Heather Walther, Mohegan Sun Social Media TEAM

She knows what she's doing, she arrives on time and gets the job done. What makes Jackie so special is how easily she emits her beautiful personality into her work. Being able to officially work with her at Mohegan Sun's annual Sun Wine & Food Fest and seeing her perspective come to life in her latest summer/ spring 2020 issue was so amazing!"

It is always an absolute pleasure working with NEXTonSCENE! Jackie is so genuine and encouraging. 

Mauryn Kkira, Founder of Kkira Feet.

I literally told her I thought it would be cool to get on Chronicle and just asked her to look into it, and did she deliver!!!!!
Jackie, you rock, and without doubt teamwork makes the dream work!”

I would also be crazy not to give the fantastical Jackie Zuk a well deserved shoutout for making it happen!