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“It’s important for my clients to increase their branding and marketing on social media because if used properly it can be a free of form PR. When I start the photo and video shoots it’s important for the clients to overcome their sense of feeling judged and intimidated by themselves. We can be our own worst critics which can prevent us from achieving our goals. By tapping into our next level we are able to give back to the greater good,” says Jaclyn.                    

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Iconic Brands Require Iconic Marketing Strategy

Next On Scene is a Boutique Public Relations, Marketing, and Media Agency in Boston, MA that takes YOU, on the journey to becoming a personal iconic brand and the face of your business!

to be SEEN as a Sought-After Expert In Your Industry?


to show up consistently?


getting your name out there?


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Ginger Burr, Founder of Total Image Consultants

 I am SOOO THANKFUL for all of Jackie’s help!!! She was AMAZING throughout my branding shoot too!! We got SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED!!!"

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JACKIE ZUK!!!! I’ve been working with her for 1.5 years and think she’s FABULOUS!!

Erin Carroll Manning, Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care, and Family Services

It has been AMAZING, to say the least.”

That's exactly what I had envisioned and needed. I have learned SOOOO much from you.

Diana Stelin, Designer, Author, Educator

I also enjoyed her helping me organize and simplify my offers with her “golden nuggets” in her follow-up emails!”

“Jackie Zuk was a TRUE inspiration this past year. She taught me about the importance of partnerships and collaborations!

Penny Meletlidis Fitness Trainer, graphic designer & owner of i la lu design

I gained clients on Linked In & Instagram, which then became a domino effect of gaining personal training clients!!! Now I’m booked solid, and I’m rarely in front of my computer or on my phone!!!! My design business has also gone back into full swing! I couldn’t have done this without Jackie!”

Jackie’s advice helped me clean up my Instagram account and post in a more organized manner. 

 Diane Amelia Read, Mindset + Wellness Coach & Founder of SHINE

 Her incredible knowledge base, huge-hearted community focus, and great sense of fun-as-we-learn will keep me coming back.”

I’ve worked with Jackie individually, taken two of her workshops, and participated in her Marketing Mastermind.

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You're an ambitious entrepreneur and small business owner who wants to scale but getting exposure feels hard, expensive, and contact-driven. It can be draining and discouraging. First Impressions are made on average between seven and seventeen seconds, and 55% of first impressions are visual - how you look, how you sound, and what you say. Next On Scene helps ambitious entrepreneurs who struggle with feeling invisible and overwhelmed by PR and marketing. Jaclyn uses her proven and simple process to get favorable publicity for her clients and strengthen their reach and voice so they can scale their personal brand.

Unlike many other PR consultants, Jaclyn is an award-winning expert in visibility. Her company, Next On Scene, specializes in producing iconic personal brands in record time. She has worked with hundreds of clients getting them top media placements like NBC, Allure, Boston Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, The Emmys, and ABC. Jackie makes marketing feel fun while delivering serious results for your business. Some of her clients reported having revenue increases of 3x!

Next on Scene helps ambitious entrepreneurs achieve the necessary visibility to become known, make money, and scale their businesses.

Simplify your system
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You're an ambitious entrepreneur and small business owner who wants to scale but getting exposure feels hard, expensive, and contact-driven.



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Meet Jaclyn

Jaclyn is an award-winning visibility expert, brand producer, and CEO of Next on Scene Media.  She has been featured in CBS, NBC + Fox, USA Today and OK! Magazine. Jaclyn was named a Top 15 Game Changer in 2024 in OK! Magazine. She now helps her clients get the same recognition and visibility exposure with her simple process.

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