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TV Anchor Kelly Sullivan spotlights local working moms and discusses the impact social media has now on news stations 

Kelly still goes out every morning and reports live on breaking news stories or on issues that impact our community, but she wanted to dig a little deeper into something that was happening during the pandemic: people leaving their jobs in search of starting their own business to follow their dreams and passions.

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It is SO important to show up. When you show up for yourself, you show up for others without even realizing!

Jackie is so excited to have the two Co-Founders behind the amazing Women's Business League, Amy Posick and Melissa Gilbo!

The Importance Of Showing Up

Recent episodes...

Megan is a psychospiritual coach who specializes in helping high-achievers whose past trauma manifests as self-criticism, over-achievement, or a need for control. Through the use of subconscious integrative therapies, her approach untangles deeply ingrained patterns. Clients are empowered to break down their walls of control, release suppressed emotions, and discover inner peace and their authentic selves.

Coming Soon: Megan Marini with Amma Human Wellness

Scott Rotondo, How to get more visibility on radio when it comes to owning a small business

Since 2014 Scott Rotondo has been a revered member of the Live Podcast team, as host of the political variety show on the Monday night lineup -- The Rotunda. Scott and Jackie talk about trying to boil down important issues to a sound byte or twitter stings. The issues and opportunities that we have today are far too complex for that. 

Crush Cancer RI Fundraiser Link

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Paula and Jackie talk about helping businesses acquire new clients by establishing trust, credibility and knowledge for your business.  They also talk about the uptick in soleprenuers and how people want to support the small business.

YouTube Video Interview

Paula Fleming, CMO of local Better business bureau (BBB)

The mission of the Carin MacLean Foundation is to foster a sense of community and connection for moms fighting cancer and to ease the financial and emotional hardship for those moms and their families.

3 Amazing Moms Start A Non-Profit To Help Moms with Cancer that have young children

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Philippa Girling, CO-FOUNDER & CEO of Camp Chateau

Philippa has over 30 years of experience establishing new functions and businesses. She was a C-level banking executive before founding Camp Chateau and has an extensive network of US-based professional women. Philippa has a close connection with the Quercy region having visited her parent’s family home there every summer for the past 15 years.

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Jennifer has spent the last 30 years, both personally and professionally, as a student and lover of fashion. Through the years, she’s collected a library of her favorite and timeless go-to styles that are universally flattering to use as the inspiration and foundation of GoodRobe & Co.

YouTube Video Interview

Jennifer Cassara, Founder of GoodRobe & Co.

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Ginger Burr believes that your image represents the best of you, not some ideal that makes designers happy. As an expert personal image consultant working with women from all walks of life, she has crafted a remarkable process of nurturing your inner beauty and discovering your personal style. 

Ginger Burr, Founder of Total Image Consultants

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Mahsa left behind the comfort zones of the corporate and nonprofit sectors, where she had worked for over two decades since graduate school. She pulled the plug on that route, as soon as it didn't feel right anymore. She started her business from scratch! Literally Scratch!

YouTube Channel

Mahsa Ghavamian, Founder and Owner of CANVAS N CUP | Paint + Sip

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Are you wearing black all the time? Do you love color and patterns but feel intimated to wear them?This podcast is for YOU! 

Mauryn KKira, Let's bring more COLOR into your Holiday Wardrobes!

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Catherine & Michael Bassick, Experts in Luxury Real Estate and Founders of Bassick Forbes Global Properties are passionate about teaching agents and consumers about it!

Catherine & Michael Bassick , Founders of Bassick Forbes Global Properties

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Legal Terms can be SO overwhelming, when it comes to Business and Tax Law, Attorney Laura Anastasia Brown has got you covered!

Legal Terms Made EASY!

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Top Producing Realtor, Ali Joyce share what your listing agent should do for you and a Massachusetts Real Estate Market Update

What your listing agent should be doing for YOU!

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Closet Transformation Specialist.
Organizing hacks to transform your closet this winter season!

Fabiana (The Lady)

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Looking for advice when it comes to dating and relationships this 2022? Dr. Susan Trotter has got you covered!

Dating and Relationships in 2022

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Brittany brings her background of Montessori teaching to meet her clients where they're at and customize systems that work for them.

Why Creating Systems on Automation are SO important for a business

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If you don't know Body-Peace, Holistic Health Coach Nina Manolson Now is the time!

How to Navigate Holiday Eating so there are NO REGRETS!

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For almost 3 3/4 years, Henry Weinreich has gone on a journey of his lifetime – sitting down with his father face-to-face discovering his stories to create an epic memoir manuscript entitled The Stories I Told My Son ™️ 

Top 6 Writing Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Image Consultant for over 30 years, Ginger Burr!

Fall Fashion Trends 2022 with Image Consultant Ginger Burr

Events are back in full swing! Interested in learning how social events are coming back? What is trending this season? Melissa Cossette is the EXPERT to know!

Event Planning Done WITH YOU not FOR YOU!

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 Alex is a New Yorker, Mets fan, a yogi, and a brunch enthusiast ;) She also has dyslexia and ADHD. 

Is ADHD and or a learning disability affecting you personally and professionally?

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Penny is an artist by nature. She has been running her own graphic design business, designing custom invitations for events and also designing marketing collateral and business logos for over a decade! 

The Journey of Postpartum is NOT a FIXED Timeline with Fitness Artist, Penny Meletlidis

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Lauren Martin helps people find their FIRE through strength, conditioning and nutrition so that they can build inner strength and confidence to better their life in every aspect!

Nutrition is confusing and right now people are trying all sorts of fad diets. It really can be simple with a few tricks

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Jackie Zuk is the host of Becoming Next on Scene. Jack has interviewed over 400 guests and counting.  In addition to hosting Jackie is CEO of Next on Scene , PR and Marketing Firm, and in 2016 Jackie launched Next on Scene Magazine ® to  to profile up-and-coming trends, talent, musicians, designers, small businesses, new products, and much more.

When Jackie isn't running her business you can find her with her favorite crew: her husband, son and dog! She also loves traveling, giving back, meditating, journaling, a good glass of Vino while hanging with her friends. 

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